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    • Estudiante Internacional Maestría- Virtual Mobility Program (VMP)
      Estudiante Internacional Maestría- Virtual Mobility Program (VMP)
  • Virtual Mobility Program (VMP)

    VMP is a new program of curriculum internationalization in which we offer 100% virtual courses to our international partner universities, so that students abroad can take Uniandes courses, and in the same way, our students can take courses from our partners.

    Our aim is that this international virtual experience allows developing intercultural sensitivity and skills.


Universidad de Los Andes was founded on November 16th, 1948, under the direction of Mario Laserna, to make a significant contribution to the development of higher education and the growth of a pluralist society. Universidad de los Andes is a non-profit, independent, non-partisan and non-denominational entity. Since its foundation, Uniandes has been a leader in research, significantly influencing the country's cultural and scientific development.

Uniandes facts and figures:

  • Foundation - 1948
  • 12 Schools
  • 39 Undergraduate programs
  • Approximately 19,123 students
  • QS ranking 227: for more information about Uniandes, click here.

Begin your application process

  • Check the open calls from Uniandes and its course catalogue (click here)
  • Check the requirements and documentation you need to collect in order to apply
  • Remember that  there is no extra fee for taking an Uniandes course.
  • All courses are credit transferable
  • Most of the courses have syncronic sessions.


  • Verify that you meet the minimum language requirement (depending on the course language)
  • The application form and document should be filled out in our Move On system. Make sure that ypu have all documents in PDF files.
  • Fill the form and upload the required documents on time
  • Once you are accepted in the program, follow the instructions from Uniandes for the next steps.



Once you are admitted, you will receive an email with your Uniandes account, It is highly important for you to activate your Uniandes email given. It will be the form of official communication between you and the university. Furthermore, it will be ypur access to most of the web services offered by the university and platforms for the online classes like Teams, Brighspace, etc.


This takes place a couple of days weeks before the formal start of classes. Instrucitions on how to register courses will be sent by email to accepted students.


During this experience, even if it’s virtual, you may work together with other students. You will perhaps notice that people think in different ways. The process of cultural adaptation implies flexibility to accept nd embrace cultural difference.  If you have any problems or concerns, do not hesitate to ask.


The orientation session for VMP students is organized one week before the official start of clases.It is not mandatory to attend, but we strongly recommend it.


In case you do not want to continue with the course, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can give you the instructions for the withdrawal



As a university policy, all the students’ grades will be given online as an official university document. This document will be digitally signed and sent to the students’ e-mail accounts from the registar´s office.


Once you receive the grade certificate, you can start the homologation process at your home university.


Carolina Miralles D.