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Welcome to Universidad de los Andes. This handbook will guide you through topics we consider important during your stay in our country. It is divided into several chapters that you can read independently. We strongly recommend a general reading so you can have an overall view of the various topics and find the information quickly whenever you need something specific.   Keep in mind that Office of International Affairs (OIA) is the office in charge of providing help, information and counseling for international students. Do not hesitate to contact OIA Student Mobility Team if you have any questions. We hope you will enjoy your stay at the Universidad de los Andes.


- Make sure you bring a valid or unexpired passport

- Don’t forget to bring the acceptance letter and the “Certificado de existencia y representación legal” that we sent to you via email.

- Any paperwork that your college requires before you leave.

- Purchase an international travel insurance.

- Make a hotel/hostel reservation.   



The procedure regarding visas has changed and therefore you should keep the following aspects in mind.
•  If you are coming for only one semester (fewer than 180 days) and if you are a citizen of a country which does not require a visa to enter Colombia, you can request a PID
•  If you are coming for only one semester (fewer than 180 days) and if you are a citizen of a country which requires a visa to enter Colombia, you should request a student visa.  
•  If you are coming for the academic year, you should always request a student visa.  

Migración Colombia

It is necessary that all foreigners who visit Colombia and have a visa for at least 3 months go to the Migración Colombia Offices during the first 15 calendar days of their stay in the country to report their arrival. Doing you procedure in a timely manner will help avoid problems later, including a fine.  

Migración Colombia: www.migracioncolombia.gov.co  
Address in Bogotá: Calle 100 #11B-27 Center for Citizen
Contact (571) 6055454 - Free National Line 018000510454

Each student is responsible for obtaining the correct migration document according to their specific situation. To be enrolled and registered in Uniandes, students must have one of the following documents once they have entered Colombia: the PID stamp, a visa, or a cedula colombiana (for Colombian).